Rot's Bounty Gourmet Fungi llc

Founded in 2019, Rot’s Bounty is a small, family owned mushroom farm in Iowa City, Iowa. Our mission is to provide delicious, fresh and beautiful fungi to our local grocers and restaurants. We rely on a small team of dedicated employees who enjoy the simplicity of mushroom tending, and the satisfaction of delivering a fresh robust product. Look for Rot’s Bounty Oyster, Lion’s Mane and Shitake at your local market today!

Who We Are

Michael mahoney

“I was inspired to begin cultivating gourmet mushrooms in 2012 after a natural curiosity while walking the woods around iowa city led me to the writings of  renowned mycologist Paul Stamets. I live in iowa city with my wife Sarah and young daughter Sadie.”

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Contact Us

PO Box 1872, Iowa City, IA 52244-1872